Who we are

MYA – Mahber Yehwat Agaazian was founded in 2011 by few Ge’ez nationalists in the state of Eritrea. MYA’s objective is to make the state of Eritrea nation-state of Ge’ez people who are democratic and fair and protect and respect its minority rights because of the following reasons.

A) Ge’ez people are the only indigenous and overwhelming majority people.
B, Ge’ez people are the only people who are homogenous or not tribal and clan based.
C) Multi-nation/ethnic nation-states has failed to create prosperous and democratic societies.
D) Social trust doesn’t come without strong national identity and strong common national purpose.
E) As expansionist ideologies that political Islam, Arab Nationalism and Amhara nationalism are existential threat to Ge’ez identity, history, culture and land.

The Ge’ez people speak Tigre and Tigrigna. The overwhelming majority of Ge’ez people followers Orthodox church and the rest fellow Islam, Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism etc. Anyone who is Ge’ez by heritage and who believe and support our programme can be our member.

What we believe

We can secure our Ge’ez majority and the continuity of our identity, history, values and language only when we build first class economy, army and develop our language within 10 -15 years.

We can have sustainable peace and stability only we have powerful and effective military and security forces who can impose our Ge’ez values, law and order. The Muslims and Arabs have never allowed us to express and celebrate identity and values freely because we are nice to them.

We can build our economy, army, impose our Ge’ez values law and order, and develop our language only when we allied our self only with Israel permanently because we are regional minority with total population less than 8 million who sandwiched between 366 million Arabs/Muslims and 40 million Amhara who have extreme aggressive expansionist religion and nationalism, and we are located in very isolated, hostile, unstable, poor, and backward region and sub-region. The official nation-state of Ge’ez people will be the second Orit/Jewish state in Middle East. It will be strategically ally of Israel. It will offer for Israel very critical and strategic help in economy/trade, deference, intelligence, diplomacy and culture because our Ge’ez state needs Israel to succeed and survive for long time.

According the Muslim and far left narrative the state of Israel is illegitimate because the Jewish have no connection to Zion, Jerusalem, Hebron etc and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob history false. If Jewish have no connection to the land of Israel and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob history is false that it means our Ge’ez/Orit Tabot, values, history etc are false and illegitimate. Because the state of Eritrea and Israel are the only non-Arab and Muslim majority in Middle East and Red Sea after they defeated the state of Israel that they will came after our state. The Muslims, like what they fabricate history in Israel that they are fabricated false history to make claim of Aksum Kingdom as their to conquer it. Defending the legitimacy of Israel is defending the legitimacy and dignity of our Ge’ez/Orit religion, heritage, history, values and land.