Aga’azianism is a national movement of Ge’ez people and Ge’ez culture that support the re-establishment of ancient state of Aga’azian in the historic land that what we call today the nation-state of Eritrea and the state of Tigray in nation-state of Ethiopia. First we want to make the de-facto nation state of Ge’ez people the state of Eritrea an official nation state of Ge’ez people. Then we want we want to make our relationship with the state of Ethiopia conditioned to
A. direct link the State of Tigray with the Ge’ez state
B. respecting the right to self determination of Tigray people by the federal government by respecting the 1994 constitution.
C. respecting and accepting Tigray people decision

King Yohannes IV (left) and Theodor Herzl (right)

Aga’azian or Zionism of Ge’ez people started before Theodor Herzl published Jews state 1896 by King Yohannes IV in 1868. King Yonannes IV crowned as King of Zion in 12 January 1872 and he created a state called Zion in today Eritrea and Tigray. The newly established state of Zion had faced Muslim/Arab invaders from Sudan Mahdist and Ottoman Egypt armies, Amhara/Ethiopian and Italian armies in four corner of the country and severe droughts. The state of Zion defeated the Egyptian army in two major battles in 1875 and 1876, defeated the Sudanese in major battle in 1885 and 1889, it defeated the Italians in major battles in 1875, 1876 and 1887.

After the death of King Yohannes IV in 10 March 1889, the State of Zion has conquered by Italians and Amhara King and by dividing it in to two the created the new nation state of Eritrea and the province of Tigray in north Ethiopia.
There is no clear evidence that prove how Oritism came to Aga’azian but there is overwhelming evidence that prove Oritism was in ancient Aga’azian that use to include Yemen for 3000 years.