The strategy to start industrialization is to design a component, parts, machinery and factories in Israel in Europeans standard by using Israel and European engineers. Then by importing component, parts, and importing component and parts making machinery that we will setup component and parts making factories/workshops in Eritrea to produce components and parts of machines, engines and factories. By setting up assembling lines we will assemble the machinery, engines and factories in Eritrea using the best European, American, Asian, African and Eritrean engineers and managers.

To achieve the objects we will setup steel smelting industry with capacity ten million tons a year, cement factory with ten million tons production capacity a year, a coal fired power station with 6000 megawatts generating capacity a day, Laying a modern new national smart Electric grid, Laying new submarine fibre-optic cable from Israel to Eritrea, laying fibre-cable all over Eritrea and other small factories such as building materials, transformer, electric and fibre-optic manufacturing factories. These big volume productions will overwhelm the demand and will help to hold profit at the very low margin of 2-5% and making the business very profitable and sustainable.

The use of Israeli, American, European expertise in technology engineering, management and marketing will able us to command the latest efficient technology, advance designing and branding and the most advanced management system. These will make our product to be affordable, high quality and highly competitive. On-site practical and theoretical training of our citizens will transform them to highly skilled personnel in a short time in cheaper price tag.

This strategy will jump us to become the first African country processing/manufacturing economy in short way. If there is qualified Eritrean or become qualified in the process for any post we will give priority to him or her. We will build a corporate culture based on Eritrean culture and values that will be very competitive globally. All this will able us to be competitive with the Chinese and South African steel and cement producers, and afford us to build much cheaper and high quality hotels, houses, roads, dams, and railways than those in Egypt and Dubai.

In Israel, Europe and America it is easy and legal to set-up design and engineering company and builds it where you want. It is easier and cheaper to hire engineers who design air plane, missiles or nuclear reactor than a lawyer or medical doctor. When we buy machines now in Eritrea 65-75% of the price we pay has been calculated for design, development and marketing only 25-35% goes to production cost. We will design it for very small fraction of this price by hiring engineers and adopting and copying the best proven design out there in operation. We will produce it by 5-10% what it cost to produce in Europe and 10-20% what it cost in China by making the component, parts and assemble it in Eritrea and Israel.

For same time we will buy coal and iron ore from the international market. May be we will have iron ore and limestone deposits in Eritrea that we can mine but our strategy is to set up our own mining companies to mine everywhere because like human labour coal, limestone and iron ore are abandoned and cheap resources in Africa, Latin America, USA and Asia. On 17 August 2012 Hadas Eritra editorial under the title of “Secret of success People of Eritrea” like all Isaias Afewerki arguments are based he used information he got from so-called “African annual economic forecast” report without giving information like who is African annual economic forecast, and when, where and why an African annual economic forecast published this report.