Foreign Policy

Like all African countries Eritrea is artificially created nation-state by European at the end 19 century. There are about nine languages many tribes, clans, Muslim and Ge’ez-Orit religion that is mix of Christianity and Judaism. The Tigrigna people are the majority of Eritrea and the only homogenous ethnic or without Tribal and Clan structure in black Africa. The Tigrigna are the only black people with written language, ancient monolithic religion and state history.

When Eritrea was formed as nation-state in 1890 half of the Tigrigna people and land felt under Amhara nation traditionally know as Ethiopia. The Ge’ez was Tigrigna people language up to 15 century. Ge’ez and Tigrigna are Semitic languages while Amhara/Amharic is Cushitic language. There is no a single over 1000 year old archaeological site or evidence that prove Amhara nation or region was part of the Ge’ez or Aksum civilisation.

As Pol Pot and his Marxist party Khmer Rouge wanted to socially engineer classless peasant society that Isaias Afewerki and his party PFDJ wanted to make the artificially created Eritrean cultural national identity real by brutal social engineering.

Eritrean Muslim are tribes and clans nomads, disorganized, divided and very poor. Eritrean Tigrigna are highly independent and organised nationalists, and highly driven farmers, merchants and entrepreneur. He wanted to bring the socioeconomic of the nomads to the Tigrigna level by transferring wealth from Tigrigna to them. He wanted to weaken and destroy the strong Tigrigna nationalism by using slavery, exiling, poverty, terrorism, fear, corruption, ignorance, isolation, propaganda etc as means and forced mixing with Muslim nomads. The goal is to replace Tigrigna nationalism by territorial nationalism that include the nine ethnics.

The 1940 to 1970 Eritrean politics was divided in to three, unity with Ethiopia, creating independent Islamic Arabic Eritrea and third by uniting the Tigrigna people and land create modern nation-state of Tigrigna people.

PFDJ processor EPLF was Tigrigna nationalist that use Tigrigna fear of Amhara and Islam, value system, history and traditions to justified, mobilise, recruit and motivate its fighters and it Tigrigna social base. The overwhelming EPLF fighters were Tigrigna farmers who were fighting to create a nation-state that embody their forefathers identity, history, value system, language and tradition.

But for the few Marxist elite and Isaias Afewerki the sovereignty is protection and freedom to engineer new national cultural national identity among the nine ethnics.
The ethnic/language based 1995 Ethiopian constitution that allowed separation for any Ethiopian states had became long term existential threat for t Afowerki project as it is creating new nationalist Tigrigna state.

To kill this new nationalist Tigray state and reflect away attention from his real goal and to peruse its brutal social engineering at high speed without control Afewerki provoke the incompetent TPLF leaders to declare full blown war against Eritrea and trap them to play in his game by his rule. TPLF never benefited from the war and it is bleeding to death by the no war no peace statuesque. Using the war as pretext he did internal military coup by dismantling the parliament, PFDJ central committee, regional civil administrations and he is killing Tigray state quietly.

He trapped the USA state department too by provoking them to engineered suction on Eritrea. PFDJ use only two USA votes in 70 years against Eritrea in UN to prove that USA is historical enemy of Eritrea. Tigrigna people share similar values with Americans than with Arabs, Somalis and Amhara. Isaias Afewerki is trying to legitimize his absolute power and cruelty by existential threat he face from USA and its proxy Ethiopia government citing the sanction, Ethiopia refusal to demarcate the border and many conspiracy theories.

But Isaias Afewerki government never act or work to liberate the so-called occupied land, to lift sanction or to address and explain its many conspiracy theories. The government actions and works 100% focused in its brutal social engineering.
Eritrea is extremely beautiful, peaceful and stable, it collect tax 34% of its GDP which is unthinkable in Africa, it is the only African country to living without aid or handout, it is the only country who is not client of any global power with abundant natural resources. Eritrea achieved all these because the dominance of Tigrigna nationalism and value system.

The Tigrigna never oppressed their minority despite Muslim tribes and clans loyalty to Arabs. The same Muslim tribes and clans who live in East Sudan, Ethiopia Afar region and Djibouti suffer from extreme political, economical and cultural marginalisation by very weak and divided governments of Khartoum, Addis Ababa and Djibouti but they never organised strong resistance.

The Eritrean Muslim demographic has increased in Eritrea drastically because child mortality rate decreased and Muslim immigration from Sudan attracted by the free health care, education, pure water etc.

Tigrigna demographic has decreased in Eritrea because of war, exile and the Tigrigna stop to bear children. There are many evidences that prove overwhelming Eritrea’s refugee are Tigrigna. 99% of Those kidnapped and killed in Sanai desert, Libya, Sudan, Mediterranean sea etc are Tigrigna.

History proved liberal democracy, capitalism and rule of the law flourish only in society that have social trust and cultural capacity to build and sustain institutions. The Tigrigna people are the only people in sub-Sahara-Africa with solid social trust and cultural capacity to build and sustain institutions. The Tigrigna social trust and cultural capacity to build institutions is strategic asset for USA, Europe, China and Russia in Middle East and Africa. The Tigrigna has managed to sustain their ancient identity, history and value system for over 4000 years.

What’s happening in Eritrea is ethnic cleansing or systematic genocide led by competent, sophisticated and narcissist leader. Eritrea is located in a very strategic place. The exiling, torturing, killing etc are well planed actions of the leadership.
Despite overwhelming evidences and thousands of witnesses the UN commission of inquiry on human right on Eritrea in its first report failed to establish solid case of crime against humanity, to explain why is PFDJ committing these horrible crimes and failed to expose the victims are overwhelming Tigrigna.

The ethnic cleansing of Tigrigna from Eritrea is upsetting the power balance in Eritrea and region. Eritrea without Tigrigna will be ungovernable or a state can be govern only by very strong man or ruthless gang like Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and Yemen. The world hope for order and stability in horn of Africa, Southern Red Sea and Gulf of Aden is the Tigrigna nationalism. As non expansionist ideology, Tigrigna nationalism served as strong glue in fragmented region that populated by tribal and clannish people. The only regional ideology that can fight and defeat poverty, tribal and clan warlords, organized criminals and Salafi jihadist is Tigrigna nationalism.

It is in the strategic interest of all permanent UN security members to stop this ethnic cleansing of Tigrigna by supporting Tigrigna people to bring change by itself.
We will never escape poverty without aces to USA, UK and EU consumer and financial market. We will need USA, UK and EU technology, science and management know how to develop our economy rapidly. We will need USA, UK and EU support to inter World Trade Organization.

To achieve these goals our civil service, universities and research centres, army and intelligence institutions, state or private commercial companies will be open to competent USA, UK, EU, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Singapore citizens.
We will waiver visa for 100 days within 18 month for citizens of USA, UK, EU, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Singapore. We will work hard to sign mutual defence and intelligence sharing agreement with USA, UK, EU, Japan, South Korea, Israel and Singapore.