When we became Eritreans and Ethiopians in 1890 we lost our Baito (parliament)’, freedom, land and above all we lost our roots. Still we didn’t regain our roots. Despite what religion, identity or citizenship we have now, if we embrace and connected to our ancestors Ge’ez and Orit heritage, identity, religion and citizenship that we will gain power and influence automatically because our ancestors identity, religion and citizenship is very powerful. Middle East and African Christianity, Africans, Eritreaness and Ethiopianess is identity, religion and citizenship of victimhood and hopelessness. Nobody want to see and listen to Middle East and African Christian’s, Africans, Eritreans and Ethiopians because nobody wanted to ally himself with loser and refugees.

But we are children of kings, warriors, philosophers, priests, artists etc. We must remember we have sovereign state, identity, religion, history, values, language that is important to the world. We contributed a lot to our world civilisation. We can get world attention, be counted, be noticed, be someone by fighting PFDJ far left and Islamic ideology in global stage. We can transform our self easily from hopeless and powerless refugee asylum seekers to global actors by fighting for the legitimacy of Israel against far left ideology, anti-Semitism and political Islam.

When most middle and north Europe were savages who live in caves, we Aga’azians had our own high level civilisation, cities, alphabets, written melody, fair written laws, values system, international trade etc. There are no people who manage to sustain their civilisation over 3000 years except Ge’ez and Chinese people in the world. These are amazing achievement. But the overwhelmed Western world elite are racist. They form their opinion and draw their policies as Africa is a one nation with one homogenous culture. They don’t care about black people and they have extremely low expectation of black people. Racism is real in our world politics, business, religion, culture etc.

We must embrace, engage, deal and work with it as it is. We are not in the business of changing the nature of individuals, institutions and systems of our world. Let’s take advantages of these white elites generalization, laziness, arrogance and ignorance about Africans to advance our national interests by being competent and focused on our own national political, economical and cultural objectives. Then may be our competence and achievements can have impact on white elites prejudice, racism and opinions.