Edith Atieno Omondi

Sales, Kshoes
Brief info

Edith believes in change, laugh and love. The mantra” do your best always” encourages, exhorts, pushes and moves her to do her very best in every opportunity given to her. Design, acting, writing, speaking and community illuminates her. She is the first born in the family of seven. Reading and writing are her hobbies. Words make her sane, fresh and rejuvenated. The writer of “Youths we can make it” article and “Alfajiri street kids” was born and bred in Kibera Slums, one of largest slums in the world.

Edith joined KCEO (Kibera Community Empowerment Organization) as a student mentor in ensuring that every person in the community gets a platform through which kibera slum community can explore and share skills inmate abilities towards sustainable growth and development on a foundation of independence ,equity, justice ,self-reliance and harmonized peaceful society.

Kibera is going to one of the best places in the world, as it is on the move. Currently Edith is currently the sales person of Kibera shoes commonly known as Kshoes on of the initiatives that KCEO has in place. Her work basically is to ensure that there are more sales on shoes; she is also a student in Moi University pursuing Communication and Public Relations.