Violet Ochieng

Business Trainer/Mentor
Brief info

When women and youth have to go through a lot of discrimination, alienation, and violence due to economic stress and societal expectations. When they have to struggle there way into job spaces and keep shattered because of the academic papers they do not have, disability they might be experiencing or the many years of experience needed which they do not have, it is not the kind of sound we want to listen to.

My greatest passion is to close this gap by ensuring that this group of people attain tailored hands-on-training on leadership, ready-to-market skills acquisition, business start-up, retention, and growth, as well as relevance in the field, journey through self-renewal.

I work with the community in the informal settlement identifying the need/gap, turning the problems into opportunities that will bring them good returns. I know that there are many ways to empower women and youths on social-economic sustainability. As a sociologist, I, however, use human behavior in designing training and skills path that is beneficial to the beneficiaries. I have trained in design thinking, business coaching, and handwork for technical skills. My educational background includes a BA in sociology from Moi University-Kenya. I have also done short certificate courses on Leadership and entrepreneurship with the Young African Leadership Initiative, Project Management & Risk Management, SASS with Moi University. I have also participated in school mentorships and events related to women and youth empowerment, volunteering as well.