Lack of access to markets is a key barrier to growth for SMEs owned or led by women. KCEO spend more than 60% our procurement budget on women-owned businesses, making sure key business and development benefits tapped. KCEO has partnered with digital marketing firms, government and AGOA to help boost women-owned businesses’ access to markets and finance in emerging markets.

We have established both physical stores and online stores for our women entrepreneurs to access both local and international markets. In order to scale this, we are expanding access to financial services and markets for women entrepreneurs in emerging markets in Kenya and boosts their access to networks, information, and mentors​. The initiative also improves opportunities to link to domestic and global markets​ and Increases the business environment through influencing policy and legal changes​.

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We are an ecosystem builder at the heart of an interconnected network of women entrepreneurs, academia, private sector, government, investors, believers and doers deepening the application of technology in powering social economic prosperity.

We promote an innovation culture that embraces experimentation, constantly evaluates and recognizes failure as something to be learned from.