Year 1

1. Our country will electrified 100% and people will have 24/7 electricity. Our people will cook its food, wash its clothes, and heat water etc using electricity.
2. 100% of country will be connected to 100 MB fast fibre optic broadband internet. 100% of our schools, libraries, hospitals, government offices, industrial zones, office complexes and other business building and 50% of residential house will have 100 MB fast fibre optic broadband internet.
3. 100% our people will have aces to pure water.
4. About 2 million Tegaru will be resettled in West and East lowlands and our coast lands in organized manner.
5. We will create millions of jobs and we will start bring millions skilled and unskilled immigrant workers to our industrial zones.
6. Our country will sign free trade agreement with UK, USA, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Russia and Singapore.
7. Our export will reach $100 billion.
8. We will start hosting many and different international games/sport, conferences and festivals.
9. Ever mother will get one year and father one month fully paid maternity leave.