Year 10

1. Government will have legal obligation to guarantee and provide health care, decent and high standard housing, job, lawyers and court fee, education from elementary to university, decent pension and food electricity and water for every citizen in a need of time.
2. Child mortality rate will be 1.8 out of 1000 child birth or the least in our world.
3. Our school class size will be 15-20 student per-class and school hours will be seven hours per day.
4. Our national language Tigrigna will have over 100’000 words. The new words will come from Ge’ez, Tigre, Hebrew, Aramaic and other Semitic language. University education and science research will be done by Tigrigna.
5. Additional two million Tegaru will resettle in our country and 80-90% of our Population will be Tigrigna.
6. One highly trained government paid priest will serve 50 families as marriage, family and spiritual councillor.
7. Our GDP per capita will reach $40,000 by today’s dollar purchasing power.

8. We will have tens of Millions of unskilled and semiskilled temporary and millions of highly skilled permanent immigrant workers.
9. 40% of our land will be covered by forest.
10. Our life expectancy will reach 80 years old.
11. Our country will be number one place to easily start business.
12. Our country will be in the top 10 least corrupt countries of our world.
13. Our country will be top 10 competitive sport country in our world and we will win many medals and trophies in every international game.
14. We will have many of our own global companies.