Year 5

1. New national transitional assembly will be set-up.
2. There will be no entry or exit visa for any citizen who live in Eritrea.
3. We will setup 87 industrial zones with immigrant workers dormitories.
4. We will set-up world’s first class local, regional and national government institutions, saving and investment funds, army, commercial companies etc within one year by hiring competent technocrat, bureaucrats, managers, army officers, judges, lawyers, scientists, engineers etc from Israel, Westerner countries, Japan, South Korea and Singapore to run and manage our institutions and to train our youth.

5. Our ministries, army, courts, schools, universities, media, prisons, intelligence and security institutions etc will be re-purposed and
6. 400,000 jobs will be created in private and government sectors.
7. We will start paying decent pension for war disables, Martyrs family of EPLF and national service families, EPLF veteran and long serving national service members, poor pensioners who are above 60 years old.
8. We will create internationalized standard that is reliable and predictable financial market that will have high international standardized and transparent regulatory system, accounting system, credit rating system that will be enforced in local, regional and national governments, all commercial companies etc.
9. Our welfare system will be setup.
10. We will start paying living wages unskilled people and high and attractive salary for our professional.